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March 10, 2010


Alice Audrey

Lilith's Brood is good. Love Octavia Butler.


I give up! I haven't read one of these. My bad.

Adelle Laudan

One of my fav authors is Maeve Binchy I love her voice. I've read and reread Circle of Friends many time.
Great list. Happy T13!


I'm stuck reading John Grisham's book. I have to start reading other author.


I have read six of these (2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10). I can't wait for MOCKINGJAY to come out in August, esp the way book 2 ended. Talk about a cliffhanger!


I've read #6, but that's it on your list. I've heard of many of the others though. Might have to take you up on a few of them. Thanks for sharing!

Sassy Brit (


I've mentioned The Hunger Games in my T13 post!

I love Firestarter too!

Here is mine if you'd like to pop by. Hope to see you soon.



I've only read 3 of these. Adding a few to my to-read list.

Hootin' Anni

I'm into reading fictional historical writing. So, none of these have I read...most I've not even heard of. Except for Stephen King. I read "It" and "Cujo".

Here's my 13 for fun this week. Come over and laugh a time or two. I always enjoy the company-- Have a great day!!


Any Stephen King book works for me. I can get lost in them. My brother met him about 20 years ago at a college event. King let the crowd shout out opening lines and he would immediately spin a tale from it. Talk about talent.


Hot Six is a great book; the earlier Evanovich's are terrific. The latter ones have been okay but not faves like the earlier books.

Nice TT!


I've enjoyed a few of those myself.

Have a great Thursday!


Okay, I've read none of this!!

Happy Thursday!


I also love Firestarter. My copy is pretty worn out as well.


Great list! Love lots of these books and I'm going to have to check out those that I haven't.

Thanks for stopping by my list!

The Misplaced


Love the Sookie books...and my favorite HP book was The Half-Blood Prince...cause it was all about Snape :-)


I'm not sure which my favorite HP book is. I think if I were hard pressed, I'd have to say 6. But 3 is a close 2nd. It's hard to say though, because they are all so good.

Melissa Mashburn

I am going to have to get a few of those books. That was a great list.


shux havent read any :(

Down Down and Dump

Tonggu Momma

I'm more often found reading non-fiction, but I did read Judith McNaught's "Perfect" awhile back... you are right - it is one of THOSE love stories. Great beach read!

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