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March 24, 2010



***HUGS*** I know it's a scary time for you. You're doing everything that you can do to weather the storm, but I know that doesn't seem like enough. Hope things calm down for you soon.


Oh wow, I think I could have written this post. I have worked for the same company, same department, for almost 24 years. I don't write a lot about work either, but I have been tempted to vent a little lately. No big layoffs (yet??) but there is an "organizational review" underway which at the very least is bound to shake things up a bit -- and my boss has confided in me that she is taking early retirement as soon as she can arrange it. We've worked together for the better part of 20 years, & she has been my manager for most of that time. I don't deal well with change so needless to say I am NOT looking forward to this. I'm just hoping to hang in for another six years until I turn 55 & can take an early reduced pension myself. It is definitely one of the "perks" of childfree living that that is much more do-able without the expense of bringing up & educating children. My boss is encouraging me to think about looking outside our department for another position & while I don't want to, it may come to that.

It sounds like you are doing all you can to prepare yourself for whatever the future might hold for you. But you're right, it does suck, hugely. :p


It's so scary to think about. We just had an announcement that they will be laying off 450 people - and I'm a state worker, whose job is supposed to be secure. (Fortunately, like you, it's unlikely that I will be among them) Always keep your resume updated, and keep an eye out for other positions, because you never know. But also because it makes you a better employee to know what's going on outside your company, and whether you could implement someone else's strategies and make things better.


hey there. You struck a chord when you talked about how a lot of your self worth is tied up in your job.

That was me during 08' and 09'. I transferred out of operations and into marketing and it was like I had come home. It was incredible and I loved my job, my customers and my work defined me.

When I lost my job (3rd and final round of layoffs) I was beyond crushed. I felt like what grounded me vanished into thin air.

And when I finally came up to the surface again I've changed. I had to. My work, unfortunately and fortunately no longer defines me or grounds me. It's a bitter sweet thing.

I wish you all the best, these are very difficult times no matter which side of a layoff we sit on.

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