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May 05, 2010



This was very sweet. As another woman who wanted children but was not able to have them, I greatly appreciated the list and the sentiments. I agree, this is always a difficult holiday.


Great list of women. Having children does not define us as women. We are making important contributions to the world with or without children. (Speaking from many years of infertility and having two children)


I love Jo. I always wondered if she had kids.

Have a great Thursday!


Great post. I'm with you. Mothers who have or don't have children are awesome. There are a lot of ways to mother.

Kimberly Menozzi

Thank you for this thoughtful and all-encompassing post.

Have a happy Thursday!


I'm someone who wanted to be a mother as soon as I turned 21, but couldn't because I wasn't married and it's frowned upon in my culture. I just got married this January, and I really want to have kids as soon as possible. I feel the yearning too.

Alice Audrey

I have two kids, and I NEVER had little arms around my neck as one or the other said "happy Mother's Day." If they remembered at all, it was to hand me some glue and construction paper confection the teacher made them make.

Yep, you can lead a wonderful life without children in it. But hugs that you want one and don't have one yet.


Must admit, there were a few surprises on your list--The Super Nanny and the author of Little Women, among them . . .


Nice tribute. The list goes on ...


Thank you for a very moving tribute. As someone who waited years for an adoption to finally work out, I know how ugly Mother's Day can feel.


This is a great T13 tradition.

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