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June 09, 2010



Wow. I work with teenagers and I know they are bad, but some of those floored me. It's a bit of a worry if people don't understand things that are so basic.


Great tips. Some are funny but true. Thanks.


Excellent advise! Something else they should remember is to be careful what they post online. More and more employers are googling applicants and checking out social networking sites. Be careful what you say about a company or its employees both before and after interviewing. Also, unless you're applying at a bar or strip club, risque photos and pics of drinking parties should NOT be posted.


this is a great list. some really important advice here. (can't really remember my last interview, it was so long ago, but I do interview others often and always offer a drink and hope they take one because it shows they can be comfortable.)

for my last hire, every applicant I interviewed emailed me a thank you right away. except my first choice. I thought, how odd. two days later, a good old fashioned card arrived via snail mail. she was old school! loved it. hired her.

Adelle Laudan

I think I'll print this out for my girls. Some sound advice here. Happy T13!


Great list. I can't believe people ask those questions at a first interview.


This is a great list--and believe it or not--some of these I recall from when I interviewed "young people" back in the 80s, who looked like they were refugees from their high school days in the 70s. Peasant blouses, sandals, long stringy hair, and no questions. Although no one brought a pet, I did see a lot of pet hair. No one brought a baby, but I did see baby spit up on shoulders.


I am in a search of job right now and your post is truly helping. :)


No kidding! Great list :)

Have a great Thursday!


Wow. Some of these are amazing. I can't believe someone would bring their dog to an interview. Or wear flip-flops.


Great list. I have heard such horror stories from other HR folks.


great advice!! though I hope more people than not wouldn't need to be told to not bring their pet along. LOL


This is a great list; good for anyone of any age. It's hard to believe someone would bring a pet to an interview!


Tell them if they submit a resume with countless spelling errors, poor grammar and incoherent off-topic babblings they won't even get to the interview. We routinely reject a lot of resumes because if they don't care enough to do it write, they won't do well in a library!


And I turned to talk to my boss and hit "send" before proofreading what I wrote, and wrote "write" instead of "right". Embarrassing or Freudian? :D

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Really a great list.It will really help many.

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