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August 18, 2010



Lots of wisdom. I like the one about remembering to forgive yourself. Thanks.


The first ones were very wise and inspirational. The comment about Iraq (and others) made me gag a little. A religious man like that could turn some away from the religion just by statements like that.


There are reasosn I don't subscribe to organized religion (some of them demonstrated here), though that does not mean I am not a spiritual person. I wish you much luck in your quest! (((hugs)))


Wonderful wisdom that's for sure. I had an Orthodox friend who wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween. I was so happy to be Reform :)

Have a great Thursday!


Wow. That is a powerful post. Having infertility issues myself, along with a lot of issues with religion, I can relate even though I am not Jewish. Thank you for posting.


I have to say that I miss our Rabbi. When we went to him for a letter of reference when we started this adoption, he sat us down and basically said #11 word for word.

He's since moved back to the States and a shul there is lucky to have him.


I enjoyed reading your list. They remind me of those Bible classes long ago. I tried but couldn't remember ever being taught to forgive self. It was mostly forgive your enemies. Actually I still have to mull over how to forgive myself... was never trained to do that. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful post. But please, please, believe that #13 is true. Sht happens and it just sucks.


What an honest, heart touching post. I was a bit appalled by 8,9 and 10, but sadly we are all human, even religious leaders. Having gone through infertility issues myself, I wondered why, too. Don't blame yourself, though.

Self Sagacity

Your list of: Things I wish I hadn't heard - is very interesting since I am catholic and I think the priests give quite different speeches. Interesting read today, thank you.


Interesting read. Wisdom and food for thought.

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