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August 25, 2010



I agree! Here's to the women who helped all of us gain recognition as humans! If only it were worldwide.


Great post!

Adelle Laudan

I find posts like this one very inspiring and have to wonder, what woman will stand out from our generation.
Happy T13!


What a great post! I had not heard of many of those women. Shame on me!


I love, love, love your list. Thank you for sharing!

The Food Temptress

Shelley Munro

Very inspiring, although as a New Zealander I don't recognize any of the names. New Zealand women were the first in the world to get the vote.


Yeah! My post will supplement yours :) This is an important topic.

Have a great Thursday!


great list!


I just saw a similar post about women's rights. It's very interesting !


Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this information! Happy Thursday!

Wendy S.

Most excellent! Have you heard that song "Sisters, are doing it for themselves"! by Annie Lennox and the "ARETHA"? I sung this along while I was reading this!

Wendy S.

Most excellent! Have you heard that song "Sisters, are doing it for themselves"! by Annie Lennox and the "ARETHA"? I sung this along while I was reading this!


These are all great women but my favorites are #13 and i am so glad you included them!


This is a great list! Thank you so much for posting it. A couple of other names: Mary Johnston, the author of To Have and To Hold (best seller of 1900) and Ellen Glasgow, another writer of the same era. They were Virginia suffragists.

Heather Silva

awesome list!


Woman rock! So many have paved the way and inspire us.


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anyway have a great thursday13..Peta


A most excellent post!


So many inspiring women. I didn't even know there was a women's equality day.

Divaa D

Hail woman hood :D and salutations to the great ones!

My T-13


These are all amazing women! Thanks for the list!


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