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October 27, 2010


Alice Audrey

Gah! I still have to register! I'm putting it on my agenda right now. I'm glad you said something.


I will be soooo glad when this election is over. I'm tired of all the ads. Oh, and my polling place never gives out stickers. They do, however, collect for the local food pantry. Good seeing you around again!

Marianne Arkins

Totally agree, and actually mentioned it in my own TT today!

Adelle Laudan

Awww you will be missed. I totally get it though. For me, as an author, Thursday Thirteen is a welcome and much needed diversion from my writing. I hope you reach your goal. Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happyyyyyy New Year!!

Liz @ busyisreading

I remind my children about #3 all the time. Especially my daughter, she's not old enough yet, but in 7 years...
Thanks for stopping by.


Very timely and quite important! Nicely done.

Good luck with the writing. I hope it goes well.


Well done!

Good luck with your writing :)


Tuesday cannot come fast enough around these parts!

Have a great Thursday!

Comedy Plus

This is an excellent post. If you don't vote then don't complain about those in charge. Just saying.

I'll be voting next Tuesday as always.

Have a terrific TT. :)


Just came back from voting early so it's wonderful to see this post and know that others are thinking all the things I am on it.

Good Luck with the book!

Happy TT,

13 Inspirational Sentences


Well Said!

Great Luck on your novel...

...get to typing :-)


What a great Thirteen! I really enjoyed reading and I totally agree with all points. :)


Shelley Munro

I'm in New Zealand, but I always vote. You don't have the right to complain if you haven't voted.

diva divine

:) i never vote and hence i refrain from complaining!

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