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January 05, 2011


Anthony North

Good list. I hope you achieve it.


I like your goals, though #3 sounds very daunting to me. LOL. I love to read and was very disappointed in my 22 books in 2010, so I made 32 my 2011 goal. Feels rather shabby compared to your goal.

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey

Something that got my husband moving on #5 was reading that you can take 6-10 years off your appearance if you have sex three or more times each week. Makes a great excuse, anyway.


154 books?? I take my hat off to you! I thought I was doing well with 88!


OS? Intriguing. I want to dance more.


A hundred books would be wonderful. I want more reading time but writing time and any kind of interaction with others doesn't leave me much. I'll take a fourth. Time for 25 new books would be a gift!

For getting your ears pierced, you should be able to go to a local mall and find a Claire's or something similar. When you go in ask what piercing includes and only stay if they tell you that will pierce them, include of pair of surgical steel studs, and a complete set of care instructions and cleaner. That's the standard for any place that does ear piercing, especially since a place like Claire's caters to a preteen to teen crowd and aftercare is the most important aspect.

I'm with you on 1, 5, 6 , 7, 11, 12 and of course 13 as we all have our privat wishes. Good luck to us both!

Happy TT,

13 Goals for 2011


Good luck in meeting your goals, about the books and most of all your #5.
Thanks for visiting my
Thursday 13.


Nice list; good luck with it. :)


hear hear on so many of these! good luck!


reconnecting face to face is a great idea!
sometimes i look through my friend lists and wonder how many of those people i could actually have an interesting conversation with.


I think I read about 15 books this year! I'm going backpacking this year so I'm hoping to read more, maybe if you finish your book we can all read that one!


Re: ear piercing, most jewelry places at the mall will probably pierce your ears, and if you're not close enough to a mall (they're all over the place in your state, aren't they?) most tattoo & piercing places will do it (and are very clean and professional nowadays).

It's done with a piercing-gun and happens in an instant. They put the lobe in the slot, press the trigger and click - your pierced.

The place that pierces you should be able to give you care instructions. If not, they should be fairly easy to google.

I will say that as someone who has had pierced ears (right one twice, left one once and one cartilage) and a pierced tongue (three times), it's not as bad as you probably are imagining it is.

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