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May 04, 2011



Good post. I'm among those who are childless by choice. I much prefer being an aunt--spoil 'em for a couple hours, then send 'em home when they get on your nerves. ;-)


A very interesting list. Yes, Hallmark should go down on their knees to tank the memory of Anna Jarvis every day!


Great post! I hope it's appreciated the way in which it was intended.

Happy TT,

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The Gal Herself

What a fascinating TT idea! I am childless and my mom's health has been fragile, so I imagine that some day (sooner rather than later) Mother's Day is going to have a very lonely feeling for me. I shall remember your prayer.


love the quote!

happy TT!


The list goes on and some of those women may yet have children.


Great Post. I like the quote at the end.

The Gal Herself

P.S. I just read your comment on my blog. I hope that this Mother's Day, you don't encounter anyone wearing White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor.


I love this post!! :)


Great choices!!

Have a great day!

Adelle Laudan

Drew and Cameron are two of my all time favorite people. Great list. I'm a Mom of 4, and can't imagine not being a Mom.
I love your wish list, and will concur with you.
Happy T13!

Reading Romances

wow, nice post! I love Ellen

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Very good idea! I sat with a psychic this weekend who did a short past life regression with me...she told me in my last life I had 5 kids and that's why I didn't have any this time around :-)


Now that's a relief. nice take on the mother's day love-in about having kids.


What a great list! A wonderful post. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


Wonderful post.

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