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January 16, 2012



I know the feeling. Still have it sometimes. I watch our son and wonder what might happen in the future that we haven't found out yet. The social worker told me to stay off the Internet for now. Snortle.

I probably did the same training. I freaked out for a it, then tried to file it in the back of my head. At least you *know* and won't be caught by surprise as much....

Go forth! It's totally worth it.


A lot of those classes show you the worst...these sorts of issues show up on a continuum. For instance, my dotter definitely has issues with abandonment. She cannot STAND to be left alone. It was difficult when she was a baby/toddler, because it manifested in extreme clinginess, and I am a person who needs alone time just as much as she needs the not-alone time. Personality clash! But she has adjusted and we have adjusted, and we dealt with it and deal with it now. But it doesn't define her, and doesn't define our relationship with her. Does that help any? Also, she had and has issues with sensory processing...we did a year of occupational therapy that helped a great deal (once a week visits), and then enrolled her in gymnastics. The end result is that we know she is a pill when she can't have her physical bouncing/thumping outlet, and she is now on the gymnastics team. Once again, we dealt with it and still deal with it, but it's not a definition of our girl.

I actually wanted to know when your DTC was? Are you getting any closer so you can see (vaguely, far off in the distance) referral coming?

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