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July 24, 2012



I agree - I don't care who a corporate or corporate head supports or doesn't support. However, I do have a problem when they use corporate funds to support that stance, especially when it's a cause that I feel a strong moral stance on like gay marriage. They donated over two million dollars to anti-gay organizations - A few pennies donated may have been mine and that infuriates me. It wasn't private funds used either - it was corporate funds. Hey, it's their right to do that with their company just like it's my right not to patronize them. If I want a chicken sandwich, I'll go to a small, locally owned, non-chain place. I probably will get better quality anyway :)

~puts soap box away~


Huh...I did not know that.

I think I'm going to be reevaluating my position on this. Thanks for the info and the backup!


I was coming here to say pretty much what Julie said, only without the link citing.

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