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October 17, 2012


Kimberly Menozzi

I can see you've given this quite a lot of thought, and number eleven is definitely a sticking point for me, too.

Kimberly Menozzi

(btw - your comment on my blog came up blank, so if you want to write it again, that'd be great.) :)


Agree with you completely. Nicely said.

Alice Audrey

I'm with you.


well said!!!


Don't even get me started with this one....
Some people just don't get it or want to get it. I'm just wondering when a picture of Big Bird with a binder is going to show up somewhere


I don't know who the real Mitt Romney is, maybe a car salesman.

The Gal Herself

An eloguent and scary list!


I agree with you one hundred percent. He obviously knows nothing or cares about the middle class. While most of us struggle to pay rent on tiny apartments, you could fit my entire block into his primary residence, and most of us don't have banks in Switzerland or the Caymans. I'd like to see him try to live on *my* salary for a year!


I agree 100% with all of these. I would never vote Republican anyway, but honestly? Even if I was considering it, #3 would have been an early clincher against. WHO DOES THAT? What is he, Clark Griswold?

Pretty close, actually, except he makes a lot more money than Clark, and is a lot less funny.

Did you know that clicking the link to this over on Thursday-13 sends you to the TypePad SALES PAGE? I had to cut and paste it into my address field! Ummm... coincidence? Or am I just paranoid? (Hey, after 2000, I consider anything possible in politics.)

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