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October 03, 2012



I also wanted Obama to be more aggressive and counter Romney, but I recall that he was that way with McCain too. I just posted this quote from the debate on Facebook: "We've tried both approaches. The approach that Governor Romney's talking about is the same sales pitch that was made in 2001 and 2003, and we ended up with the slowest job growth in 50 years, we ended up moving from surplus to deficits, and it all culminated in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Bill Clinton tried the approach that I'm talking about. We created 23 million new jobs. We went from deficit to surplus. And businesses did very well. So, in some ways, we've got some data on which approach is more likely to create jobs and opportunity for Americans." ~ President Obama


I too liked the quote Colleen posted. Like you, I already plan to vote for Obama, for many of the reason you stated. I did not watch the debate, but listened to it on NPR and I swear I could actually hear Romney's smirks. The President will be here today, but I won't see him. It's going to be too cold and windy (plus chance of rain) to stand out on a lakeside hill half the day. I would end up with a migraine for sure. I will try to watch it live online, though--from inside where it is nice and warm. My Post: Banned Books

Kimberly Menozzi

There's nothing more I can add, here, I reckon, except to say I love number nine. ;) I'm looking forward to next week's post, too.

Happy TT!

Mia Celeste

You make your case well. I think it's important to weigh the differences between Obama and Romney. Thanks for sharing.


Well said, I enjoyed reading your reasons :-) As a survivor of rectal cancer, I KNOW the importance of treatment and follow up care!!! Good luck to your friend.


Those sound like good reasons.

Alice Audrey

I planned on voting for Obama during this election right after he won the last one. I expected him to face a backlash simply because he was willing to step in at a critical moment when things were going so badly. Things like the fundamentals of an economy don't fix themselves fast. I figured this time he'd need my vote.

The Gal Herself

Thank you for #4. I am surprised and saddened by how many people believe the personhood amendment is limited to funding, not legal restriction. I personally do not believe in either abortion or IVF, but that is an individual choice based on religious convictions I believe should be private and my own. I am offended whenever anyone tries to restrict a woman's right to come to her own conclusion and act accordingly. I consider myself a good and proud Christian, but the way some of the President's opponents have highjacked my faith and commercialized it for votes makes my skin crawl, and nowhere is that more evident that the personhood amendment.

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