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March 03, 2013



Woohoo!!!!! So happy for you!


I saw the headline on my RSS feed, and thought--is it--?!?!

And YES!!! It IS!!!!

I have such a big smile on my face. I look forward to tales of the trip, and pictures, and everything!!

*\o/* YAY!! *\o/*

Robin from Israel

Congratulations!!! What an absolute delight to see your post pop up in my reader! Wishing you all the joy and delight in the world as you become a family of three!


So beyond excited for you all!!!

We just celebrated our 6th Family Day, and all the cliches are true -- it just flies by. Our referral, time in China, and finally bringing our sweetie home are still the best memories of our lives. Hold each moment close -- you have earned every one and THEN SOME!!!


oh my, such wonderful news!
such a long hard road this has been for you.
I'm so thrilled for this next phase of your journey!
best of luck with all the preparations. how exciting!


So excited for you! I will be praying that the time will fly by until you can bring your daughter home. And then you can get on with your "happily ever after!" But yes-- savor every moment!


WOOHOO, I'm so very happy for you. Completely.


Oh my GOSH!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!


An old KLB friend here--I have kept your LID in my head all this time and specifically came to check if you finally got a referral even though I haven't been keeping up with blogs anymore. Very, very happy for you. You deserve every happiness.


I'm so unbelievably happy for you guys. I don't even have words.


What a wonderful post! After so long and such a long journey you are almost there! I am so happy for you and 'D Congratulations!






Here from LFCA- congrats!! I hope you get to go see your daughter in April!


Fantastic! Congrats! My son is nine months - close to yours :)


Here from LFCA

WOOO HOOOO!!! Amazing :) I don't know you, but this post made my day. Best of luck for everything!!!


I saw your news on LFCA and stopped by to say congrats! It's a good thing referral photos don't have a counter on them, because I would have exceeded a hundred the very first day on mine :) I hope the red tape doesn't take long so you can have your girl in your arms!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! A daughter! Thrilled for you. Hope you can bring her home very, very soon.


OMG I am so freaking happy for you. Congratulations!!


Congratulations!!!! I've checked back often never knowing what your LID was but knowing it surely had to be almost there! And of course I miss the big event! Many congratulations at last!!!!!!!


I have checked back with you often in the past several years, and prayed for your family as well. Your post brought tears, and you will always remember that feeling of seeing her for the first time. Write everything down , she will want to know every thing you did, thought, ate! lol (at least mine does!) I don't have the "labor/birth" story but we do go over and over these details... My beauty is from Jiangxi too! Every day you are closer :)


I had lost track of your blog when bloglines bit the dust, and was trying to remember your url... I finally found it and see this wonderful news! So happy for you, JW.

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