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March 13, 2013



That is the best kind of journey...consequently, I was doing a lot of taking out of my closet today. I should have been studying, but I could hardly walk into my closet.


many blessings a monumentally wonderful thing to do !!


I did not know you were in the process of adopting. No wonder you've been "quieter" lately! I bet you can't wait to hold your little bundle of joy! Thanks for visiting.


Good luck. I hope it all goes well. My fingers are crossed for you (which makes it hard to type!).

Stephanie Sullivan

Best of luck to you! Parenthood is a joy unlike anything else in the world.


Good luck to you! Parenting is definitely the most interesting journey there is.

13 reasons to evacuate a castle


Wow you're going to be a mom! The best of luck. #10 - I thought the same thing several times when my kiddo was a little baby.


Mozel Tov! How exciting.


10. yep. our niece and nephew were teeny and yet somehow with all the gear dropped the parents right into van-options.

Are there Welcome Wagons in your area? those ladies can help with the transitions and directions.


I'm hoping for the day that my daughter sees it through my eyes as well.


What absolutely fantastic news! Would love to see a picture as and when you feel able to share. Fingers crossed your visit gets organised with all due speed!

Jane Fisher

Congratulations! We have two daughters from China, now middle schoolers. I still remember my first trip to B*bies 'R'*S where I started sobbing b/x I didn't know what any of that stuff was!
Save your energy for China and your first meeting with your daughter; you have so much to look forward to!


Delurking from LFCA--congratulations!! Check out alyssum pink from Sherwin Williams--I painted my daughter's room in it and I like it so much I want to lick the walls.....


What wonderful news, my friend just adopted two girls and they are incredibly happy. Parenthood is such an amazing journey and you do have more respect for your own parents and in-laws.

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