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April 24, 2014



#4 I've wondered about often . My friends all know I am ill yet when I ask for a cut of yard or help moving something, they cannot be found..Thus I have learned to lean on only me - my family included /I can feel your pain and loss so intensely here ....


I used to get facebook response infuriated as well But I believe they are saying I loved sharing this with you . I liked hearing from you not the actual liking of death

Alice Audrey

Hugs. I'm hoping I wont be facing this soon. My mother was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. Everything has been a little off-kilter ever since, but not as severe as this.

Funny, outside of my family you are the first person I've told.


I am so sorry for your loss. My mom passed a few years ago. Though no one's grief id the same, I understand your feelings of loss and confusion, especially where the scarcity of friends and family are concerned. I hope the ones who are truly matter are there for you. (((Hugs)))
My T13

Mia Celeste

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's death. It's a lot to deal with and I appreciate you sharing.


When I lost two of my brothers in 2001 I felt like I had been abducted my aliens and was looking for others who had been abducted. I wrote a book about their deaths, growing up in the '60s in a family of 11 and the grief process in the first six months. I remember the awkwardness of others too, but I felt like an awkward attempt to acknowledge the loss was better than saying nothing. Even a gesture or touch would do.


It has been four years since my mom died. It does get easier, but it still can strike hard out of the blue. The worst is an ongoing wish to share the ordinary everyday things...

I have no great suggestions, just much sympathy and empathy.

(About the Facebook "likes"...a friend at one point explained that she "liked" people's sad posts as a way of showing she was there, she read it, and she was glad you felt you could share. FWIW.)


This complete stranger offers sincere condolences. Interesting point about developing "dropsy". I had the same experience couldn't seem to hang on to anything.


No good words. Just holding you in my heart.


So many people are uncomfortable with discussing loss. I'm so sorry you have gotten those odd responses. I'm especially sad for you about those who haven't responded at all, but certainly should have. I found that with some people, it helped to tell them, very explicitly, that I needed them to ackowledge the loss. With some, doing so didn't really improve things and unfortunately, I lost some "friends". I think those who haven't been through this also think that offering an "I'm sorry" once covers it. Many don't understand what a long process grief can be. I hope you have at least a few in your life who "get it". Even just one or two people like that can make a huge difference.

I'm sending you many hugs and wishing you at least some moments of peace.


I am so sorry for your loss. I just spent the weekend with my mom and it just makes me appreciate her more. Sending love and hugs.

Mrs T

I am so sorry for your profound loss.


I am sorry to read of your loss. I lost my dad in 2008, and I experienced some of what you shared on your blog. The only thing that gave me peace was sleep. I think from October 2008 until October 2009 I was merely able to just exist because every chance I got I slept 12 hours a day. Sometimes people pull back because of fear, or fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Perhaps this is what's at play with those friends who are MIA.

My condolences to you.

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